All things in existence exist for a reason. There is nothing random in the Universe or anything that cannot be explained. It follows that if something exists, it must be identified by rules that classify what it is and how it behaves. These rules are known as the Universal Laws. They are 'Universal' because all things that exist in the Universe are made from the one same universal energy. The rules that apply for this world, must apply in the same way in this material galaxy or any other. The rules must also be applicable to the different realms of spirit and matter, both of which are only vibrational variations of the same energy. As above, so below. These are the laws of One; all is one universal energy and one and the same thing.

Universal Laws fall into four categories known as
Spiritual Laws, Material Laws, Mental Laws and Laws of Emotion. Since Ancient Times it has been an understanding that four basic elements make up our consciously known physical existence. They are the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The four elements of material life, have been linked to the four personality functions of Intuition, Sensation, Thought and Emotion.

Many people are consciously unaware of Universal Laws beyond the Material Laws of Science and Physics. How many people know there are reasons for the way we think, feel, believe and act and that by understanding the four sets of laws which guide our four personality functions, we can learn to take control of ourselves and the direction our life takes. Greater knowledge and self-control, lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The four sets of laws are detailed below......

The Spiritual Laws are the laws of the Universal Energy Field, from which everything in existence is made and all are part of. Spiritual laws are reflected in the cards of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana fire suit of wands. Spiritual laws govern the personality functions of energy, spirit, intuition, passion and will.

The Material Laws are the laws which relate to the physical world and the events that happen in our everyday lives. Included here are the laws of science and nature. Material laws are reflected in the earth suit of pentacles and they govern the personality function of sensation.

The Mental Laws are the laws of the mind. They govern thought processes, perception, cognition and all that relates to the mind and how we think. The mental realm is reflected and illustrated by the air Suit of Swords and the process of a thought is detailed by the Mental Cycle.

The Laws of Emotion are the laws of the heart. They are the rules which dictate the way we feel about things and how we emotionally react. Emotions follow patterns of behaviour and an awareness of this helps us to emotionally maturity. Emotions are reflected and illustrated by the water suit of cups and are governed by the laws of emotion.


Universal Laws, inevitable truths and common sense, are usefully illustrated by the symbolic images of the Tarot Cards. They portray different types of pesonalities and the way they live their lives.

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