CARD PRINCIPLE:  The Principle of Happiness
THE CARD LESSON: Love and Spiritual Awareness
RELATES TO THE SUITS OF:  Wands (Energy), Pentacles (The Material World)

The Sun relates to the Universal Laws of:
Love (One)
Vibrational Attainment (Rebirth)
Unconditional Love (Spirituality)
Non-Judgement (Karma)

Illumination and Happiness

The long night ended and Spirit stepped out into the morning sunshine. The Sun's rays shone brightly and warmed the Spirit, making it happy now that everything made sense. The sunlight lifted the Spirit making it feel better knowing that warmer spring days lead on to the summer. In the bright illuminating light, deeper meanings, universal energy and the reasons for living became clear. Life should be loved and celebrated with others, not something to hide away from in ignorance and fear.  

Mixed feelings and emotions had held the Spirit back. Up until now they had stopped it from achieving more in life. Realizing that the energy of an emotion could be released or changed by reliving past feelings and memories, the Spirit began to see through the emotional pain that had accumulated and followed its life as a dark shadow. Material worries, mental fears, emotional pain and spiritual loneliness, all began to fall away as confusion faded and the Spirit stepped out into the light of the Sun’s illuminating rays.
In a reading, this card indicates a period of lasting happiness and a successful conclusion to a course of events. Whatever you are doing will end well and you will feel happiness with the results. Enjoy this time and make the most of life while the sun shines.