Universal Laws:  The Spiritual Laws
Universal Cycle:  Spiritual Cycle
Elements:  Fire



Intuition is a Spiritual Energy and the ability to instinctively know the answer to something by consciously and subconsciously evaluating all the facts available at the time, in just one moment of time. The 'penny drops' and a flash of inspiring thought illuminates a sense of the truth. Things seem clear and we cannot understand why we did not see it before. This is the sixth sense and the voice in the back of the mind, which tries speaking sense to us even if we choose to ignore it and believe what we want to believe and see what we want to see.

Intuition is instinctual and a connection to the unconscious mind, where all knowledge that is the sum of the Universe is stored in each particle of energy to the smallest sub-atomic level. The mind at its deepest-unconscious level, is at one with the source of all things.

If we really want to know the truth about something we can find it. We must find the truth because only the truth will satisfy the insticts and set the heart and mind free. Always searching for an honest answer with the best intentions, allows the subconscious to navigate the way. Use intuition to find the right direction and common sense to instinctively know the way forward.