Universal Laws:  Material Laws
Personality Cycle:  Material Cycle
Element:  Earth


The senses allow us awareness and communication with life. Four of the senses are located in the head region and the fifth sense of touch covers the whole body area.

The senses are a conscious factor in that they are most effective when we are awake and aware. The are used everyday to explore and understand the world around us.

Without the senses we would only know consciousness when aware and whatever lies in the dark void of unconscious knowledge. What would we find, would we have dreams from the unconscious collective.

The senses keep us grounded and should be the main point of the mind's focus. There is only one time and that time is now. Using the senses to listen and understand, will hopefully create sound judgment and actions. Being honest wirth what our senses are telling us, helps when we often see and hear what we want the truth to be.

The five senses are not the only senses, far from it. The senses divide down and there are other senses such as an intuitive feeling that something may happen. 'The Senses' will detail and describe the functions of each.