Universal Laws:
The Mental Laws
Personality Cycle
:  The Mental Cycle
Element:  Air

They say we are one tenth conscious and nine tenths unconscious; well that’s what I heard. Consciousness is just the tip of a mental iceberg. Thoughts that run through our mind giving us the ability to focus on a subject and then visualize a chain of events to work out what happened, what could happen and what will happen. The words in our mind when we focus our senses, allow the subconscious to absorb their meaning and translate words into feelings, emotions and actions.

The conscious mind is forever restless and will try to think of a subject, question a motive, sense an injustice, look on the bright side of life. The Law of Substitution says that to break a chain of thought we must consciously think of an unrelated subject to break its spell. Focus is the key and concentration on what you are doing must also be balanced with an emotion to find enough meaning in something to concentrate and persevere.

Any form of focus is meditation. Concentrating on what we are working on allows the subconscious to dream and intuitively think something through. Thinking must also be balanced with outer sensations and an awareness that consciously allows the mind to think better.

Last but not least the mind must also be balanced with our natural energy, spirit, impulses and intuition. Learning when and where to focus our time and energy in the best way, makes life more efficient and productive. Keeping our spirit up means thinking positively about life and understanding that life is what we make it.

The mind and its thoughts are a conscious portal which allows intuition to surface through the subconscious from its unconscious home. From this source comes access to the knowledge of the Universe; the complete database. We all instinctively know the truth in our hearts if we focus our attention and dig deep enough. The question is can we face the real truth about ourselves, other people and the truth about why we are here.


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