Universal Law: 
The Laws of Emotion
Universal Cycle:
  Emotional Cycle

Element:  Water

Emotions give a sense of value and meaning to feelings and thoughts. Emotions tell us how strongly we feel about something and whether something is agreeable to us - or not. An emotion is always preceded by a thought and cannot emerge without a thought and a feeling about something first. Our attention has to focus on an object or subject to trigger an emotion. An emotion cannot happen without first being aware of something.

Emotions fuel our day to day lives. We strive to be happy but cannot be so without feeling emotionally balanced first. This means having emotional intelligence and awareness so that we can understand someone else’s feelings and point of view. Empathy allows a common understanding between people and a connection at the emotional level.

Maintaining balanced emotions in good and bad times, means doing the right thing for your own self and for other people. Taking the right action at the right time and for the right reason, is good for Karma and for maintaining a happy and more stress-free lifestyle.