A Meditation to Quieten the Mind

1. Sitting or lying down, first of all we need to relax every part of the body. Starting with the toes, take a few minutes to work your way up to the top of the head, consciously relaxing each part of your body on the way.

2.  While consciously relaxing the body, focus on breathing in through the nose for a few seconds, holding the breath for a few seconds and then releasing it out through the mouth again. Visualize breathing in pure air and breathing out toxic stress and tension.

3.  Any thoughts that come into your mind, especially negative thoughts, do not fight them. Focus again on the sound and sensation of your breath and the thought will fade. The Mental Law of Substitution says that the only way to stop thinking a particular thought is to substitute it for another one. Focusing attention again on the breath can achieve this.

4. The body is relaxing and after a while you may begin to feel as if you are floating. As the body relaxes so does the mind and it quietens down. Keep focusing your attention on breathing or you may fall asleep! Being able to focus the mind benefits concentration and attention span.

5.  When it is time to finish the meditation, make sure the relaxation process is slowly reversed for maximum physical benefit. Re-awaken the body and mind again in stages, to feel the full benefit of this effective relaxation technique.