PERSONALITY CYCLE: Spiritual Energy Cycle
UNIVERSAL LAWS: Spiritual Laws

The Fire Suit of Wands represents the elements of Universal Energy, Spirit and Action. It is the fire in our soul that drives us on and the life force that fires our spirit. An Energy Cycle begins with a burst of primal energy, inspired by a new idea or an intuitive thought that drives us to take action with belief and determination. The energy cycle begins with the first card of the suit – the Ace of Wands.

1  BEGINNING - An energetic upsurge of belief and a strong will to take action
2  BALANCE - Directing energy in the right direction
3  GROWTH – Allowing energy to flow, expand and prosper
4  STABILITY – Participating with others in a common cause
5  CHALLENGE - Blocked energy will cause unrest and conflict
6  RESOLUTION – Keep energy moving in a positive way and towards a goal
7  SOUL WORK – Learning to balace the energy of responsibilities
8  REGENERATION – Energy increases and speeds up as events approach a conclusion
9  COMPLETION – Feeling tired and drained, take time to reflect on achievement
10  LESSON OF THE CYCLE – Energy travels in cycles, learn to carry extra responsibilities


When we feel strongly about something, it will create feelings and emotions that energise us to take action. The energy this creates bursts forth with the Ace. This is an upsurge of energy that cannot be blocked and must be acted upon because energy cannot stay still, it has to have movement and be acted upon.



The reaction to an outpouring of energy is the need to keep energy balanced and flowing. To do this we must decide where our energy is best spent by guiding it in the right direction. Now is the time to make a plan of action and consider the possibilities. Guiding energy in a positive way encourages future creativity and expansion.



Once we have decided on the best way forward and are happy within ourselves that we are doing the right thing, it is time to put plans into action. The sub-conscious will play a major part in this. Once we accept and acknowledge that action is necessary, the sub-conscious will use all of its accumulated knowledge and call upon Universal Laws, to set chains of events in motion that will attain the desired outcome. Used wisely, energy will expand and grow outwards with positive results.



The burst of energy found direction and then expanded outwards in the three, the number of growth. Universal Law states that the energy we send out comes back to us again in the form of karmic energy. The Four shows the initial positive return on our investment of time and energy. Our action has returned favourable results as our well laid plans take shape. This card shows a celebration with others of early success. Energy works best when shared with others. On a deeper level, energy creates and expands much faster when other people are involved in your project.



The challenge to stable energy is that energy is essentially unstable, it is forever moving. It moves forwards and backwards, it vibrates and travels in cycles but it never stands still. Spiritual energy powers our thoughts, emotions and actions, driving us forward and making us competitive to succeed. The Five shows the challenge is to keep energy flowing in a balanced way. Blocked and repressed energy will bottle up inside of us, causing internal conflict in the form of mental and emotional discontentment. If you have something to say then say it. If you think that something needs doing then do it. Use your energy in a positive and productive way and for the benefit of others. Being competitive is healthy when it is done in a good natured way, it is the way of the World. Being over competitive or aggressive will lead to more serious conflict and negative actions.



A way to resolve the challenge of energy is to stay positive, determined and focused on the success you wish to bring. The Law of Abundance states that if we visualise and build a picture in our mind of that which we wish to bring into our life, then the Universe can make it happen for us. We have to keep believing that what we want is for the right reasons and that we can make it real. Stay focused and keep taking one step at a time towards your goal, channelling your energy towards the end result. Stay positive and believe with all of your heart that you will succeed. Life really is what you make it.



The Seven of Wands represents the way we learn to control restless energies. Learning to control impulsive behaviour and compulsive urges, promotes self-control and limits rash actions taken in haste - and repented at leisure. Staying on top of responsibilities and commitments means being in control with less problems and difficulties to deal with. If life seems overwhelming with too many things happening at one time, then it is best to isolate and manage one thing at a time instead of running around in circles and getting nowhere fast.



Now nearing the end of the cycle, the Eight brings renewed energy that propels you on to reach your goal. This is your ‘second wind’ with life and events speeding up as events approach their conclusion. Other people may come to help your cause with the energy and enthusiasm they bring with them. This is the time to deal with any last minute issues and find renewed determination to see your plan come to fruition.



Completion of the Energy Cycle can leave you feeling a little exhausted. You have had a lot to deal with and maybe suffered a few knocks and setbacks along the way. Feeling drained after using so much energy to get this far, it may be time for a rest, even a holiday. Now would be a good time to learn to trust people to help you share some of the workload and responsibilities. Allowing others to help can only be beneficial and before long you will feel less jaded and fully able to appreciate the benefits your efforts have achieved.



The end of this current cycle. You have worked hard to bring about a successful conclusion to your plans and now carry many responsibilities. These may feel like a burden when it takes a lot of effort to carry these along with you, but to maximise the chances of success you have to be able to multi-task and maintain your efforts. If you can manage, then the burden is worth carrying if it is towards a worthwhile goal. If you aimlessly carry on with the the weight of the world upon your shoulders, then it may be best to lighten the load before things become too much to deal with. Do not let other people burden you with their problems if you are struggling to cope.