The cycle of the mind begins when a thought takes on meaning. Meaning gives the thought an emotional attachment or a strong sense of belief and this creates the energy to continue the line of thought. The Thought Cycle begins with the Ace of Swords…

1  BEGINNING – The beginning of a train of thought
2  BALANCE – Uncertainty and indecision confuse the mind
3  GROWTH – Troubled thoughts create anxiety and heartache
4  STABILITY – Mental retreat and recuperation. Meditation and rest
5  CHALLENGE – Disagreements with others. An angry reaction to frustration
6  RESOLUTION – Following the path of least resistance, avoiding conflict
7  SOUL WORK – Learning to be honest with ourselves and others
8  REGENERATION – Remove the mental chains that blind us
9  COMPLETION – Depression and anxiety are an illness in the mind
10  LESSON OF THE CYCLE – States of mind are temporary, there will be a silver lining


We have a sudden insight, a flash of inspiration regarding something we have been thinking about for a while. The thought suddenly takes on a new meaning, creating an emotional response or a new belief giving the thought new energy. We make a positive decision to spend time and effort to consider this line of thought again in a new light.


2  Balance 

So we sit down to think again but now we are not quite so sure. The inspiring insight the ace gave has faded a little and so have the belief and emotion. We feel confused so decide to leave the thought for now and think about it again later.


3  Growth

Uncertainty left us unsure what to think and now we feel unhappy and a little depressed that we were not able to continue with the train of thought. Indecision meant that we may have missed out on something important and we might even feel broken hearted about what has happened. Thoughts need a strong belief and emotion to keep them energised. When these fade, uncertainty sets in.


4  Stability

After a period of unhappiness and mental turmoil, a good way to rest and regain mental composure is to withdraw and have some time alone. Resting the mind with meditation and some gentle contemplation, will recharge the mind and help us feel mentally fresh again.


5  Challenge

The challenge of the Sword Cycle is argument and mental conflict. We have rested but the feeling remains that we have missed out and this makes us feel irritable. The mood leaves us short-tempered and impatient. The slightest thing may make us lose our cool and fall out with people where we may win the argument or leave feeling even more defeated.


6  Resolution

To resolve the challenge of mental conflict, we should always try and follow the path of least resistance. Do not rise to provocation and try to turn the other cheek. Only fight when you have to fight and only when it is the right thing to do. Avoid senseless arguments by keeping your head down and by not interfering in the lives of other people. The ideal life is a quiet life without turmoil. Work at how to resolve stressful situations that may be unnecessary.


7  Soul Work

Uncertainty should not affect us if we learn always to be honest with ourselves and other people. The mind can make us believe what it wants us to believe and things are rarely as they seem. The sub-conscious mind has hidden desires and motives driven by temptation. If the heart says one thing but the mind wants to believe something different then we can never be sure. Develop intuition to instinctively sense the truth and take time to work out how far away you are from seeing things with honesty and in a clear light.


8  Regeneration

When we find the reasons for not being honest with ourselves, we must change and face the truth. If we remove the mental chains that blind and deceive us, we will be free to see life for what it is. If we cannot face the truth it will lead to depression and despair.


9  Completion

It is difficult to identify and remove mental chains on our own. Facing a truth you might not want to hear can be difficult and painful and take time and effort. It would be best to work this out with other people who know you well, or with someone professional such as a counsellor. Swords are traditionally the most challenging and difficult suit to deal with representing conflict and difficulties of the mind. The completion of a Sword Cycle is unlikely to end well if we keep thoughts locked away and do not share them with others when we are have difficulties and not thinking straight.


10  End of Cycle

The end of the cycle and the Sword Cycle ends with a silver lining. When all seems bleak and lost, remember that this bleak state of mind cannot last forever. Even depression runs in cycles. Tomorrow will bring a new dawn a new day and who knows what will be around the next corner. The most important thing to do for now is to seek the support of others. Share troubled thoughts with another and hear what someone else thinks about it all. If life is too much to cope with and it is making you unwell, any form of counselling, with friends or professionals will begin to ease the pain. There is a saying that a problem shared is a problem halved, so share the thought with someone you can trust and you will begin to see things more clearly.