PERSONALITY :  Sensation
UNIVERSAL LAWS:  Material Laws
TAROT: Pentacles

The Earth Suit of Pentacles represents the Material Plane in which we function on a physical level. Within the Material World we live, work, marry, have possessions, manage money and one day hope to own property. All of the material aspects of life are held within the Earth Suit. The start of the Material Cycle begins with the emergence of something new beginning on the Material Plane. All things have a beginning and all things have an end. In between these times its existence will run in a succession of cycles.

1  BEGINNING - Something new begins on the Material Plane
2  BALANCELearning to manage the new beginning
3  GROWTHMaterial growth by involving other people
4  STABILITYMaterial security and personal possessions
5  CHALLENGEMaterial loss and financial poverty, loss of faith
6  RESOLUTIONKnowing when to give and when to take
SOUL WORKUnderstanding Cause and Effect
REGENERATION – Keep working on what you are doing
9  COMPLETIONMaterial success and happiness
10  LESSON OF THE CYCLEAll material conditions are temporary


The Ace of Pentacles heralds the beginning of something new in our Material World. This could be in the form of a new job, a new possession, moving home, investing money or even a new health concern. Anything in our life that begins in a material sense.



When something new begins, we must learn to manage it properly and maintain a balance to keep it running smoothly. We may need to juggle other things for a time while we re-arrange priorities to accommodate the new addition. Learning how to be flexible and adapt in an ever-changing world, helps us balance conflicting energies enabling life to run more smoothly.



Something new began, found its place and now it must be allowed to flourish and develop. Learning a new job for example is best done with the help and advice of other people with more experience. This way we learn new skills more quickly than we would do on our own, enabling us to grow at a faster rate. If you are building something, then involving other people will significantly increase energy and growth at a higher rate. There is no shame in asking for help and advice to save time if we do not know something. Universal law states that it is our duty to share knowledge with others.



Things have moved on and settled down, bringing an increased sense of stability and security. The cycle began, grew and now gives us the sense that we hold on to something tangible and real. The question now is do we have enough to make us feel personally secure. If the answer is yes then you are fortunate, so be prudent and hold on to what makes you feel good about life. Be careful not to over value material wealth because the love of money may lead to a mean-spirited person who is greedy and values possessions more than people. On the other hand, be careful not to be over generous and give too much away. A fool and money are easily parted! Learning how and when to give and take is a valuable lesson to balance Karma and the stresses of living in the Modern World.



Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges and fears of living in a consumer society is losing, for whatever reason, what we own and ending up in a poverty trap. Life is just about survival when there is little money to make ends meet and becomes a stressful and bleak struggle. We may end up feeling disconnected and lose our faith in life. In this situation we should swallow our pride and seek and accept help when it is offered. Seek advice because no-one has to be this destitute. Where there is a will to change, there will be a way. So the challenge is to keep hold of what you have in a balanced and sensible fashion and be careful with money. If you had nothing in the first place then the challenge is to find a way, step by step, to lift yourself up to a better place in life.



A solution to being poor is learning how to manage money and possessions in a sensible way so as not to lose them. In this respect, the lesson of giving and receiving is very important to understand and practice. It is not wise to give more than you can afford to give, whether that is financial help, emotional support or even valuable time. Giving away more than you can afford to give, can leave you at a disadvantage and create an imbalance. This may later cause feelings of resentment and regret on your part. On the other hand it is a good thing to give as long as it is appropriate and beneficial to the other person, and that it does not make their situation worse. What you give in life is what you get back, so giving to someone in need creates positive Karma and the Universe will find a way to reward you in kind. Knowing when to ask for help is important too. You should not be afraid to ask for help when it is for the right reason. Only accept what you need or what the other is able to offer. Taking too much creates an imbalance and the Universe will require you to pay it back to restore the balance again.



Apart from learning the true meaning of love, the whole purpose of our existence on the Material Plane is to learn the meaning of Karma and how to control its energies. When this is achieved, we free ourselves from the Cycle of Rebirth and are free to return back to Source, where we have choices. When we learn how Universal Energy functions, we understand that for every action taken there is a reaction. If we do good things then the Universe rewards us in kind. Bad things are also rewarded in kind but it means that the Soul has to suffer a similar bad action, so that it may understand the consequences of its own actions.

Learning when to give and when to take is very important because it creates good or bad Karma. This in turn will generate events that have an effect on the way our life runs. Some might call it good or bad luck, or fate. These are seemingly random events that happen from nowhere and throw 'a spanner in the wheel’. The truth is that these things do not happen by themselves at random. Our Soul is responsible for everything that happens by pre-arranging all events on its current Rebirth Cycle. The Soul does this so that it may live through experiences that provide it with the lessons it needs to evolve and pay back Karma. It is said that all the best laid plans go astray. To avoid adversity we need to understand the energy of Karma and make sure that what we are doing has no bad energy attached to it. All actions have to be taken for the right reasons to balance the energy involved and reach a successful conclusion to the Cycle.



We can move forward on the cycle now that obstacles have been resolved and we have conscious awareness of the effects that positive or negative energy can bring on events. Nearing the end of the cycle, it is time to deal with any unfinished business and ensure that the cycle maintains a strong and positive energy until the end. The best way to do this is to keep working diligently on what you are doing. Focus and practice bring craftsmanship and the skills required to ensure that the cycle is completed successfully.



The ideal successful completion of the Material Cycle, means material success and contentment have been achieved. A time when everything seems right in the World, you feel in tune with the rhythms of life and nature. Enjoying the pleasant sensations that physical and emotional happiness bring. This result is obtainable if the cycle began for the right reasons, grew on a solid foundation, obstacles were resolved and positive energy was maintained and fostered until the very end.



The cycle has been completed but the ten gives a sense of detachment from the success and contentment achieved in the nine. Here lies the lesson and meaning of the Material Cycle. All life runs in cycles because all things are made of the same Universal Energy. Universal Law states that energy forever moves in cycles, it can never stay still. Everything has a beginning and everything has an ending and nothing lasts forever. Life conditions are temporary and we should appreciate and make the most of the good times while they last. No one consciously knows for sure what is around the next corner. The material world is temporary and subject to change whilst the world of spiritual energy is constant and eternal. Always look for the spiritual meaning of life to balance our materialistic nature. The ten knows that true happiness can never be found in a material existence alone.