Symbolised and illustrated by the

cards numbered 1 to 10 of the
Major Arcana

The first ten numbered cards of the Major Arcana from the Magician at number one, through to the Wheel of Fortune at number ten, portray a Cycle of Action. This cycle is the archetypal (the original) cycle of action and governs the four personality cycles of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. Each numbered card of the Major Arcana governs its respective numbered cards of the Minor Arcana suits. The Cycle of Action begins with the number one card of the Magician, the card of action...

1. BEGINNING – The Magician    The ability to communicate and initiate action
2. BALANCE – The High Priestess    The knowledge to make something happen  
3. GROWTH – The Empress   Factors encouraging growth and expansion
4. STABILITY – The Emperor    Foundation, stability and leadership
5. CHALLENGE – The Hierophant   Belief and faith in what you are doing  
6. RESOLUTION – The Lovers    Knowing you made the right choice at the right time
7. SOUL WORK – The Chariot    Learning to control the ego and self
8. REGENERATION – Strength    Inner strength and will to keep going all the way
9. COMPLETION – The Hermit    Learning from the experience by reflection
10. LESSON OF THE CYCLE - The Wheel of Fortune    As one cycle ends, a new one begins. Fate and time wait for no-one.


The Magician is the card that represents the ability to take action and is the masculine polarity and principle. Each of the four suits are represented by their suit element laid out on the table in front of the Magician. This number one has all the tools and communication skills to take the raw materials of life and turn them into action, taking the first steps to begin a new cycle. This may be an action cycle based on emotion (i.e. the start of a new relationship), a new cycle of thought (a new dilemma or study), a new material cycle (a new job for example) or the Magician can turn elemental spiritual energy into a willing force for change. The number one is the active primal energy contained in all new beginnings and governs the Aces (number one's) of the Minor Arcana Suits. The Magician has the use of them all at his will.


The High Priestess is the feminine principle and the passive reaction to the active male action of the Magician. She tempers his assertive masculine force with passive understanding and helps provide the knowledge required to take action with intelligence, purpose and a clear sense of direction. The number two of the Major Arcana governs the number two of each suit of the Minor Arcana.


The ability and clear communication of the Magician and the passive intuition and knowledge of the High Priestess, combine to grow this action in the fertile garden of the Empress at number three. The Empress represents fertility and abundance and all things grow under her nurturing ways. The number three and the Empress both represent growth and how things develop will depend upon the reason for the action and the foundation on which it was built. The number three governs the Empress and the number three of each suit.


The cycle continues and growth finds its first form and stability in the number four of the Emperor, the card that represents society’s rules, structures and foundations. The initial hard work has paid off now the action has taken shape and found its feet. Initial success for the action after an early successful phase. It may be time to take a short break but take care as stability can have a price to pay. Rest on your laurels for too long and the action may stagnate and lose its impetus. Use this platform to take stock and then move onwards and upwards. The number four and the Emperor both reflect the same traits and govern the fours of the Minor Arcana.


Life always has its obstacles to overcome and the number five of the Hierophant will make sure this cycle is no different. Nothing ever stays the same for long because Universal Energy can never stay still in one place. It will always keep moving and the challenge is to keep the balance with an energy that is so restless. No one ever said it would be easy and the challenge of this Great Cycle of Action is to keep believing in what you are doing. Sometimes you wonder why you carry on when things get tough but you have to keep faith that this action was taken for the right reasons and that you can make it work. The Cycle of Action will be hard to complete without the inner conviction that you are doing the right thing for the right reasons, and that you made the right choice in the first place. Without self-belief the heart will never really be convinced about what you are doing and the cycle will falter. Remind yourself of the reasons for taking this action and let common sense work it out and remind you not to panic. One thing though, if the action was taken for the wrong reasons then negative energy created at the number one will find problems here and the action is likely to falter if no solution can be found.


Challenges have to be met with solutions or the obstacles become insurmountable and defeat the action. A solution to the challenging energy of the five can be found in the number six of the Lovers card of choice, love and attraction. Six is the number of resolving challenge and restoring the balance. The problem of believing in what you are doing can be resolved by knowing that you looked carefully at the choices available at the time and this was the right one to take. If this action is positive and happened at the right time and for the right reasons, there is no reason why the outcome should not be positive. If the action started on the wrong foot, then the outcome is unlikely to end well. Look at the choices again to remind yourself that you were right.


The number seven represents how we can best work to improve ourselves and ensure a successful outcome. The Chariot shows us being in control of our actions, will, personality and events in life. Consider if you need to take more control of anything or if you need to conduct yourself differently to ensure a positive result. Ask if there are any changes you need to make to the way you do things


The number eight is the number of the ‘second wind’ and of taking care of any last minute details before the action finds completion at nine. At number eight, the card of Strength encourages us to find the inner strength and resolve to push on and finish what we started. It represents the will to succeed and push on to a successful conclusion. Remind yourself that this is a worthy action, taken for the right reasons and that your action is a noble one. Pick yourself up for one last push and keep on until the end.


The cycle reaches completion in the number nine. The result that has been achieved will depend upon the reason for the action (positive or negative) that began at number one, and then subsequent actions, choices and challenges that followed along the way. Every action that we take draws down Spiritual Energy from The Source which must remain balanced because it is the energy of Karma. The Hermit at number nine means looking back and learning the lessons that this cycle has given. Could you have created more positive energy from the beginning or was there too much negativity. With insight and soul searching lessons can be learnt so that when this action happens again on a new cycle, it will begin with a better understanding and a greater chance of success.


Number ten is the end of the cycle and where the energy for the next cycle begins in a new direction. The number ten is also the lesson of the cycle and in the Wheel of Fortune we find the Cycles of Life and their meaning perfectly illustrated. This is the card of luck, fate and destiny. The Wheel of Fate turns for all and treats everyone equally and fairly, no matter how important someone thinks they are or their social standing in life. Luck rises, Luck falls, the Wheel of Fortune turns for all. Herein lies the most important lesson of the Tarot - Luck, Fate and Destiny are not random events that we have no control over. Everything happens for a reason and nothing happens at random in the Universe. Nothing is left to chance and all positive and negative actions must be answered to and accounted for. We are not subject to fate, fate is Karmic energy created by action at some time in the past, which has returned to be balanced. We create the events that happen to us and we create our own good or bad luck.

Everything is about energy and how it is used. Good or bad actions taken in life create energy in the form of Karma and Universal Law states that all energy must be kept in a balanced state or it will seek to balance itself. A positive action will return positive Karmic energy back to you, as the Universe seeks to repay your good deed in kind. Negative actions create negative Karmic energy which has to be balanced by way of our Soul experiencing directly, through a similar situation, the negative effects caused by our own actions. This way the Soul learns the lessons necessary for its continued evolution and spiritual development. Nothing in the Universe happens at random and for no apparent reason. The actions we take create events that happen in life and we alone must take responsibility for our own life and the way we live it. No one can live our life for us so learn any lessons quickly and seize the next opportunity that comes along. Stay positive and be good!