UNIVERSAL LAWS:  Laws of Emotion

1  BEGINNING A new emotion begins and fills the heart
BALANCE Strong relationships keep us emotionally balanced
3  GROWTHEmotional growth by sharing happy times with others
4  STABILITYToo much of a good thing. Emotional burnout
5  CHALLENGEReleasing old emotions and moving on
6  RESOLUTIONHealing the inner child and hurts of the past
7  SOUL WORKIdentifying realistic dreams, hopes and aspirations
8  REGENERATIONLooking for deeper feeling and meaning in life
9  COMPLETIONEmotional contentment and security
10  LESSON OF THE CYCLE – The love of family, home and friends are what we aspire to

1  Beginning

The number One of Cups is the beginning of a strong emotion that will last for a time. The new emotion might be the start of a new relationship or any feeling or situation that engages the heart in a positive or a negative way. The Ace of Cups represents an upsurge and outpouring of emotional feeling. The emotion represented by the Ace of Cups is a feeling of pure love because that it what the Universe really is.


2  Balance

To keep emotions balanced and in perspective, we need to develop close friendships and relationships with other people who reflect our own positive energy. The Law of Attraction brings people together to share feelings and emotions, helping to keep us emotionally balanced, healthy and flowing.


3  Growth

Growing emotionally means sharing life with others. Each meaningful relationship we make in life adds another layer to our emotional make up, developing emotional intelligence. Take some time with others to communicate and express emotions and feelings. Celebrate together the blessings and good fortune that life can bring.


4  Stability

Too much of a good thing and we may begin to take feelings for granted, start to feel or bored or simply suffer emotional burnout. Positive emotions begin to fade in time. Emotional love can need work to keep the flame alive. Strong negative or painful emotions tend to stay the course time and may need re-vising to release their hold.


5  Challenge

A challenge of the emotions is knowing when to leave an emotional situation which is now behind you and move on with the future. Feelings of loss, regret, even shame can keep us tied to the past unless we understand the reason why we feel the way we do. Things in life are rarely as they seem and we have to re-visit the emotion and try to see things for what they were, allowing the emotion to change or fade. Traumatic events from as far back as childhood may cause emotional problems throughout life if they are not dealt with by some form of counselling.



A way to deal with emotional pain is to look back to a time when life was a happier place for us. Reaching for the inner child within us all reminds us that we were once carefree and innocent of the emotional rollercoaster of the teenage years and adult life. Looking back with nostalgia may remind us that life is always changing and that happier times will come again.


7  Soul Work

People can behave erratically when charged emotions are allowed to cloud our judgement. Without thinking things through first, taking action based on an emotional judgement is rarely a wise thing to do. Emotions power the world of dreams and fantasies. Our imagination will conjure up all kinds of wants and desires, some may be realistic and some will not. Working on emotional balance allows us to search in our heart for what we really want in life. Some dreams may be realistic and some will not. Working on emotional balance allows us to search our heart for what we really want in life. Common sense will intuitively tell us if it is a dream we can realistically achieve.


8  Regeneration

Moving on to find a deeper meaning in life and more emotional depth from new experiences. As we learn, we grow. The seeker will never stop looking until it knows in its heart it has found true meaning.


9  Completion

The completion of the emotional cycle is emotional happiness and contentment. We are happy with what we have and we love what we do. All is well here but beware not to become too over-indulgent and adopt a smug type attitude to others less fortunate. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy it while it lasts. Never take anything for granted.  


10  End of the Cycle

The pure emotional burst of love from the Ace has found maturity in the love of a family and happy home life. We all dream of being happy and settled. True emotional happiness is found in the love and stability of family and friends. A new cycle begins as the family look forward to happy times and new adventures ahead of them.