1 TO 10

The sequence of numbers from One to Ten, represent the different stages of a Cycle of Energy from its beginning until its ending. All existence is made of the same universal energy known as the One, the source of all things. When a thought, emotion, feeling or belief prompts us to take action, it sets us off on a chain of events and a cycle of energetic activity which must eventually reach a conclusion. When the spiritual energy of Karma is drawn from the Universal Energy Field, it means that the action must be taken in a balanced way or there will be a price to pay to restore the balance. In the end, we either learn from the cycle so that next time we know better, or we will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.


The number one begins a new cycle and is the start of all things. One is the prime number, the singularity, all numbers are born from the one and the number one belongs in every number. One is the appearance of something new; a burst of energy, a surge of belief, a material beginning, a new idea, an upsurge of emotion. It is the prime masculine number and the active principle of action.


When the number one calls out, the number two answers its call seeking to temper and balance. Two is the first reaction to the upsurge of one and seeks to control and understand its strong burst of energy. Two is the opposite feminine principle to the masculine one. She is receptive and steps up at the emergence of one to ask - how are you going to manage this and are you sure? Two is the number of knowledge and understanding. It combines with the action of one to create a balance and allow for conditions of growth, represented by the number three.


The active principle of one and the knowledgeable principle of two, combine to grow outwards in the three. Three is the number of growth and creativity. This is the fertile garden in which the cycle takes root and draws on the energy that it needs to grow. Spiritual energy drawn and manifested into the Material World at number one, seeks to grow and expand outwards in the three. The project develops as one thing leads to another and progress builds. A positive action will progress naturally here but a negative action can only grow negative energy and the going will become increasingly difficult.


Action and growth find form, foundation and stability in the number four. The third dimension - the vibrational energy which number three added to the cycle - allowed the action room and space for growth. The fourth dimension comes along as time. Energy needs room to grow but it takes time to build something and make it strong. The four seasons, the four points of the compass, the square with its strong structure are all solid foundations of life. Building an action to last means find stability and foundation within a considered and balanced reason for taking action.


A fundamental lesson of the Tarot is the effect of change. Nothing can stay the same forever however much we wish it would. Events will happen seemingly out of our control, which may challenge and change the present moment at any time and propel us on in new directions. The number five is the energy of challenge. Energy never stands still, it has to keep flowing or blocked energy will create tension, frustration and rash actions. It is how we react to obstacles and deal with challenges that will greatly affect how we progress in life. Learn to go with the path of least resistance or block energy and suffer the consequences.


Five calls out with its challenge and the number six answers the call by being receptive and listening to the problems of number five. Six is a feminine number and the first perfect number, offering advice and wise counsel. Six is the number of resolution and naturally searches to find a way to repair and resolve unbalance. It reacts to the active principle of change that the number five brings and finds the solution that balances this energy and lets it continue to flow on its journey. Six resides in the subconscious and engineers a solution when it is possible to resolve a problem and balance energy.


Number seven is the energy of personal development and highlights the work required on the self in any given situation, to make the cycle reach a successful conclusion. Nothing happens in life by itself unless we take the necessary steps to make it happen. This means making a conscious and physical effort when required to learn any new skills or even improve our attitude if we need to change the way we do things


Number eight is the number of regeneration and of finding new ways to keep moving forward and complete the cycle. Something began and grew but to keep it growing means continuing to work at something. Universal law states that what you work upon grows with the energy and time invested in it. Never rest on your laurels or stop taking action until the very end. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today because there really is no time like the present. When it seems that you will never get to the end of your task, life will find a way to lift you with renewed strength and purpose if the action is true.


The Number nine is the completion of a cycle of events powered by one and guided by two. Number nine stands for what is achieved at the end of a chosen course of action. Accomplishment is the sum total of the steps taken on the cycle up until this moment in time. The result may be positive or negative depending upon the reasons for taking action and the energy it created.


The number ten is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. What began and grew has come around full cycle and the end result is now clear. What began had to end because nothing will ever stay the same way forever. As one cycle ends another begins and we move on to a new idea, emotional tie, earthly matter or spiritual quest. Ten is the meaning of the cycle. When another cycle begins it will be with the knowledge and lessons learnt from the last time. Ask yourself what value did the last cycle bring and what changes will you make to avoid making the same mistakes again? What can you do to make the next attempt even more successful?