1   Karmic Energy is created within the Universal Energy Field, by thought, emotion, sensation and the will to act.

2   Karmic Energy must be balanced at the end of the cycle or the imbalance will continue in the next cycle. We must understand the need to be balanced in what we do.

3   Universal Energy seeks to expand and create. Energy forever moves and as one thing leads to another, events develop.

4   An action takes shape and the energy created finds structure and form. Energy is predictable, good actions sit well here, bad actions begin to have problems.

5   Challenges await us on the path ahead, that is inevitable. Karmic energy seeks to balance itself by righting wrongs and rewarding goodness and kind acts.
6   Actions speak louder than words because they mean something and words are empty without action to back them up. Resolving the challenge of Karmic Energy means forever using common sense to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reasons.

7   Unexpected events will happen in life and we must deal with them in a fair and honest way. Nothing is random and challenge is one thread in a vast web of Karmic Energy we create with what we do in life.

8   Before the end of any cycle, there is an upsurge of energy which moves events towards a conclusion. Karmic Energy is one variation of universal Energy and will never end unless we learn how to balance life.

9   All events and forms on the Material Plane will one day end. The Karmic Energy created by this action will retain its form for a while after the action has ended.

10   If an action was positive and for the right reasons the cycle ends in a balanced way. The energy of karma is good and will reward in kind by reaction. A bad action will leave an in-balance and create subsequent ‘knock on’ cycles as the effects are causing and injustice and must be put right by word deed and action.