The Cards from One to Seven of the Minor Arcana show the process of Soul Growth on the Material Plane and the development of Consciousness and Ego. The standards learnt in the early years of life will shape the personality and future development. The Cycle ends with the self-control of an Ego able to function in society and with the ability to control, as far as we can, the Material World around us.

1. The Magician

The Soul is drawn into its physical body, reborn in its earthly spirit as a new Cycle of Rebirth begins once again. On the Magician’s table there are four elements representing the four functions that will make up its Human Personality; Intuition (wands), Sensation (pentacles), Mind (swords) and Emotions (cups). The Magician provides the new-born spirit with its personality, means for communication and the ability to take action in the Material World.

2. The High Priestess

Actions bring knowledge and understanding. In the early years of its life, a child learns by trial and error and from what it is taught by its parents. It learns by its mistakes so that at the next attempt to do something, it will know how to do something better. The child begins to develop feelings and emotions as the world develops more meaning. It develops intuition and learns to take chances.

3. The Empress

The child learns about the Mother and the Feminine Principle. The Mother who cares and nurtures the child, feeds the child when it cannot feed itself, loves the child and shows compassion, allowing the child to grow physically and emotionally.

4. The Emperor

The child learns about the Father and the Masculine Principle. The Father seeks to give mental guidance, setting rules and boundaries. The father figure who teaches discipline and lays down the laws, but who cares and loves his children deeply in his sometimes unexpressive manner.

5. The Hierophant

The child is educated, attending schools and higher education. It may join a club or take up a hobby. As time passes, it will discover its own beliefs about life and begin to make up its own mind about what it believes to be true or false.

6. The Lovers

Through its early teenage years, the spirit becomes attracted to the opposite sex as hormones surge through its developing physical body. Experiencing crushes and desires, leads to its first love and the first proper relationship. As it grows older the young adult begins to make its own choices about the direction its life should take and the people it chooses to make friends with.

7. The Chariot

The end of the first cycle of three. The child has become an adult and is in control of its life. Through the early years it has developed a personality and has learnt what it means to fit into and function in society. Abiding by its rules and structures, it has learnt about belief and faith and has found love. Now it makes its own choices and decisions. It has control over the outer domain of its Material Life.