Illustrated and symbolised by the
cards numbered 11 to 20 of the
Major Arcana

The second set of ten numbered cards of the Major Arcana, from Justice at card eleven through to Judgement at card twenty, can be seen as a Cycle of Balance and is the reaction to the Cycle of Action. The Balance Cycle shows a way to Spiritual Maturity by balancing our actions and so balancing Karma. The Cycle begins at the number one card of Justice, the universal need for balance.

1. BEGINNING – (11) Justice   Actions must be balanced and fair
REACTION – (12) The Hanged Man    Letting go of bad ways
GROWTH – Death (13)    Death of the Ego allowing the Spirituality to grow.
STABILITY – Temperance (14)   Moderation. Strength by experience
CHALLENGE –  The Devil (15)    Bad actions, temptations and materialistic living
RESOLUTION – The Tower (16)    Breaking free from negativity
SOUL WORK – The Star (17)   Expanding conscious awareness
REGENERATION – The Moon (18)    The way forward is to see through illusion
COMPLETION – The Sun (19)    Spiritual Awareness
LESSON OF THE CYCLE – Judgement (20)    Soul Ascension, freedom from the Cycle of Rebirth


The purpose of the Cycle of Balance, is to learn how to balance energy by balancing how we act in life. Since everything is made from the same Universal Energy which forever moves in Cycles, the way our life will run depends upon how balanced the energy we create in it is. When life runs well and things fall into place, the energy flowing through life is positive. With few obstacles appearing from apparently nowhere, life is balanced because you do the right thing at the right time when you decide to act upon something. When life is difficult, unlucky and full of obstacles, the energy running through the Life Cycle is negative. There are too many wrong decisions and actions being taken. The Law of Justice means that your actions must always be balanced and fair to yourself and other people. Anything other than this will have to be repaid in kind to restore the balance.


To learn balance in life we have to learn moderation in some of the things that we do. The first reaction when we learn that every action we take has a price to pay, is to stay still and suspend all action until we work out what it is that we might be doing wrong. We must learn when it is best to act, when it is better to take no action and wait, when to put thing on hold or when to simply abandon the idea altogether. We may have to make sacrifices and give up things that are not good for us, even negative aspects of our personality.


When life is turned around and excess moderated, it allows for a transformation of the personality because of positive changes that have been made, to bring about a better balance. The old self dies and is replaced by a better person who is relaxing now there are not so many problems to deal with. Life really is of our own making and when work to make it into something better, we will change for the better. Positive change means life can grow in a positive way.


Foundation and stability are found in the card of Temperance, the card of patience and moderation, but at the same time still being able to enjoy life. The action is the need for balance in life and finding a stable balance means living within your means and leading a good life. Live within the Laws and never take anything too far unless it is a peaceful and happy time.


A challenge to finding balance in life is the energy represented by the Devil; the cravings of desire, materialism and bad intention and action. The challenge is learning to live in a world of temptation and oppression and being able to free yourself from their hold.


The usual reaction found to a bad action is a fall. You cannot get away with anything because even a thought draws energy and if you build something on anything other than honesty, it will eventually fall apart. Breaking free from the narrow materialistic nature of the Devil means seeking the spiritual element of living and tearing away old habits and behaviours that have only led to repeating cycles of problems. Finding faith and belief in a higher order makes us think again about doing things that are not good for ourselves or for others.


Working to keep and maintain peace of mind. Now that the old troublesome aspects of the personality that caused wrong action and behaviour have been recognised, changed or removed, we find life begins to flow better. We look forward to the future with a renewed surge of hope and optimism. Life can only get better now that it is understood that the future is what we make it. We must forever work to keep the spiritual side of our nature working in harmony with the material world in which we exist.


Finding spiritual and material balance and then maintaining the balance, will sometimes be difficult to maintain. From time to time, wishful thinking, dreams and illusions will appear and some people will lose their way. Always make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground and use common sense to keep the balance. A lot more will be achieved if time is not wasted on flights of fantasy.


When life is balanced it will bring happiness. Worries vanish under the Sun's illuminating, spiritual light and it makes you feel good because the prime universal, unconscious emotion is Love. Let its light wash through the Soul and bask in its warmth and restoring energy. Everything seems right and as it should be, now that the truth is clearly illuminated.


The end and this Cycle of Balance is complete. The Soul has balanced its material existence by understanding and controlling its true material nature. It has balanced the four functions of the human personality and so attained full conscious awareness and understanding of universal truths. It is now free from Karma. The Soul ascends back to One now the Cycle of Rebirth is over.